3 Spark Your Channel Features to Boost Your Integrated Channel Marketing and Sales Strategy

Feel like your partners are cobbling together their demand gen efforts and shooting in the dark, but you’re not sure how to help them? You’re not alone. Let’s be real—partner demand generation isn’t easy, and getting partners to try new tactics can be a super heavy lift for vendors. 

To enable partners to effectively drive sales, they need irresistible content and new, easy ways to present it. All of this means that vendors need the right demand generation automation platform to do the time-consuming work for their partners. (Good news—we have one of those.)  

How to Make Demand Generation Easy for You and Your Partners

If you’re thinking, “Nothing in demand gen is easy,” that means you really know partner demand gen. And a decade or so ago—heck, 18 months ago—you would have been right. But demand generation automation platforms like Spark make it simple for vendors to empower partners to increase sales. How?

Our solution:

  • Hands the most unique, relevant, irresistible, and easily personalizable content to your customers
  • Enables the use of video to get the attention of your audience more quickly
  • Provides both vendors and partners with metrics so everyone can make more informed content decisions

It sounds too good to be true, but it’s really not. The right demand generation automation platform can truly transform sales. Let’s take a closer look at how. 

1. Snackable, Irresistible, Relevant Content  

Content rules. Period. 

If you don’t provide your partners with content relevant to their audiences, you may as well have them send out cat videos. Actually, cat videos might perform better than the static, generic content dump your partners are probably doing. 

The Spark platform enables you to provide partners with a nearly endless supply of snackable, irresistible content that can help their demand gen efforts succeed. Here’s how it works:

  • Load great demand gen content such as promo videos, pre-recorded webinars, and infographics.
  • Our partner success coaches onboard your partners and help them create an intro/outro.
  • Spark syncs its intro/outro with your great content and emails it to partners automatically.
  • You track unbelievable metrics of clicks, IP addresses, and time stamps.
  • You celebrate!

Not only is the content spot-on and easy to digest, but your partners never had to change their process!

2. Help Partners Harness the Power of Video

Never underestimate the power of video content—it’s undeniable.

Video content rules if you’re trying to sell.

But you can’t just throw them any old video content; it has to actually be helpful, and your partners’ video content is much more likely to be remembered if they “personalize” it. This doesn’t mean they have to put on a huge production; your partners can record short and sweet intros and outros for content they share. This warms up their audiences and makes the content feel even more valuable. 

Don’t worry—it’s not a labor-intensive process at all. They can use Spark or their smartphones to create a simple intro, such as:

“Hey, this is <Name>. I wanted to share this exciting video from <your company name> with you. Please contact me directly for any further information.” 

Sounds simple, but it can make a huge impact. Plus, it’s often far quicker than composing an email. (Tip: Most people hate to write and are terrified of the blank page—video really is a much lighter lift.)

Using the Spark platform, partners can easily:

  • Record their video intros and outros
  • Use smart fields to add contact information
  • Set default content so they only have to do it once … ever!

Here’s a short video talking about ideal lighting and setup.

Yup, you read that correctly. Once your partner has recorded solid intro and outro videos, they can automatically sync them to all of the relevant, useful pieces of content made available to them on our platform. They record the videos once and can use them literally thousands of times if they want to, syncing to as many content pieces as they want in just minutes. 

Yes, really—the videos sync with just two clicks. We make it that easy for your partners. It’s so easy and so effective that they’re going to want to make the most of video for demand gen as soon as possible. 

3. Metrics That Help with Decision-Making 

Remember when partners would come in, download your content, and do who-knows-what with it? The days of being blind to your partners’ marketing insights are over. The Spark platform shows you usage metrics for the content your partners are using, so you know content is working. 

Analyzing your sales enablement efforts is easy. Because every piece of content created in the Spark platform renders a unique trackable URL, vendors get insight into:

  • What is being watched the most 
  • How many people watched
  • Who watched more than once
  • The date and time they watched

Information like this will help you curate the content library and help your partners better target their segments—or even create new, more specialized segments.

Remember: Automation Makes Segmentation a Breeze

Partners will never do anything that doesn’t directly benefit their business. Period. 

By segmenting your partners’ customer audiences, you can help them fine-tune who gets what messages and when. Your partners can take the content they created in the Spark platform and use their existing marketing automation platform, CRM tool, or one-off email to properly—and legally—segment their audiences. (What do we mean by legal? See this article … and this article.) 

Why is segmentation so important to your partners? Segmentation ensures they talk to the right audience—and automation makes execution a breeze.

Allowing partners to use existing automation platforms or CRM tools (such as Mailchimp and HubSpot) will increase the likelihood of them actually using your content. They simply copy a link and paste it into their email—voilà! (And remember, it’s all trackable; Spark provides valuable metrics.) 

Forget manually uploading lists and waiting around to hit send at prime times. Automation takes care of everything. Partners can choose what vendor content to share, and then schedule it on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. 

Making it even easier, partners can use smart fields so they can pick campaigns from vendor content to customize and reuse.

And because we know that your channel sales partners have varying levels of marketing and automation expertise, we help you meet them where they are. We empower and continually educate partners, making chat and one-on-one help available at the click of a button. 

Ignite Your Content with Spark Your Channel

Knowing all of this makes using customized video hard to resist, huh?! What you’ll love the most about the Spark Your Channel platform is that it is so easy to use, your partners will actually use it. Successful through-partner demand generation starts with killer content and a launch plan you’ve only dreamed of. We can help with both. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s talk about taking Spark for a test-drive.