Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline and Drive Leads with Video

The popularity of Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and especially TikTok should tell you all you need to know about the crucial role video plays in most areas of our lives—including demand generation. But your partners don’t have to do a dance challenge to make video work to accelerate their pipelines and drive leads.

Dancing is fun, but there are plenty of ways for your partners to effectively use video for partner demand generation without breaking a sweat. Today, it’s easy for partners to make useful videos for all stages of the buying journey—you don’t have to be an expert or have an advanced degree. Anyone with a smartphone can create videos for demand gen.

Below, we break down how video can help your partners accelerate your sales pipeline by driving leads with video.

Earn a Rep for Relevant, Can’t-Miss Videos

These days, it’s crucial that you encourage your partners to embrace video. But it is also important to know that simply adding video won’t necessarily cause an immediate spike in interest; just because you send it doesn’t mean they’ll watch it.

And there are other unknowns: Even if they do watch, will they come back? Will the video make your partners an industry information destination for your sales channel? Will the video help your partners build their brands? 

Make sure your partners have not just video content, but great video content—the kind of content people will share and want more of. It should speak directly to pain points and meet the intended audience exactly where they are. Partners who share super-relevant, must-read content on their channels will get people coming back.

Sending out the same cookie-cutter industry content people have seen a million times won’t do anything for your partners. Think of your inbox and how many emails you delete without much thought because it seems like you’ve seen emails just like them so many times before. Partners can set themselves up for success by making sure they have irresistible content.

Use Consistent Branding to Make Demand Gen Memorable

Succeeding at partner demand lead generation starts with trust. For most of us, before we can trust someone, we want to know that they’re being real—so when your partners are their authentic selves in the content they share, they’ll stand out as not only trustworthy but also memorable.

If your partner is sharing a killer video about new tech, they can make it even more killer by putting their own unique brand stamp at the top and bottom. And when a partner can share a personal story or talk about how the tech in question helped someone like the customer, these anecdotes can really send content over the finish line for a sale.

Plus, your partners’ audiences will remember not just the killer content—which really is key—but also the unique human being who is providing it. If your partners’ audiences are getting tons of emails and looking at tons of social posts every single day, the ones they’ll remember are the ones that are interesting and relatable. 

Be an Influential Channel Marketing Authority with a Clear Objective

Now that you’ve got your partners ready to share must-have content (and to be unforgettable while doing it), there’s just one more thing they need: a crystal-clear call to action (CTA). The CTA is no place to be shy or subtle. Not using a super-strong CTA with killer video content is like leaving cake out in the rain. What’s the point?

Your partners don’t need to just dazzle their audiences. They also need to convert those audiences to sales—and the CTA presents an opportunity to do just that.

And remember, we’re talking about video here—there’s no clicky link. While your partner tells teams how to contact them or where to download an offer, that information should appear on the screen in a visually appealing graphic.

Now, if you think adding a graphic to a video is too heavy of a lift for your partners, you may be underestimating them. These days, video platforms make this process incredibly simple. YouTube literally has a “Call to Action” function where users can just type in their CTA and let YouTube take care of the rest, and most other platforms have editing panels that make adding a text graphic far easier than it has ever been.

Get Partners on the Video Bandwagon to Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline

The best way to get your partners to use video in demand generation is to show them how easy—and how wildly successful—it can be. Using a demand generation automation platform that helps channel partners and sales teams drive more revenue is a good start.

See for yourself how enterprises like yours are using AI and automation to revolutionize their demand gen. Request a demo now.