Creating and Optimizing a Stellar LinkedIn Profile

Given today’s marketing landscape, your demand generation strategy has undoubtedly seen some changes. From canceled events to increased social distancing, it’s become very challenging to stay in front of prospects and customers. But fear not because we’re here to assure you that there are great tools and tactics you can easily execute on to develop relationships and build business, without hopping on an airplane.

First, we know you wear many hats. You’re constantly pulled in different directions, especially when you’re trying to run a business (or two). You know social is key for sales and marketing, but it’s probably toward the bottom of your very long laundry list of to do’s. We get it. So when it comes to prioritization, we always recommend executives and businesses like yours start with LinkedIn and here’s why. 

  • There are more than 600 million people using the platform.
  • 63 million of LinkedIn users are listed as key decision-makers.
  • 76% of LinkedIn members check their accounts and engage with content every day!

Now, that’s a very captive audience ready to learn about your business. And because people want to do business with people they trust, the majority of your buyers are also looking to learn about your executive team. 

By optimizing your company’s LinkedIn page and your personal profiles, you have a huge opportunity to highlight the solid value proposition your company provides. Whether your social media use is at a level 1 or 10, these steps will help you build familiarity, comfort and trust with your prospects and position you as their go-to industry advisor. 

We want to make sure you have what you need to build a solid foundation, so here’s a quick list of things to consider when creating or updating your LinkedIn profile: 


Your headshot should be clear, up-close and just you. It wouldn’t hurt if it was consistent across all of your profiles too, that way your connections recognize you online and in-person (someday, when you’re able to travel again). Here’s how to quickly update your photo:

  • Click your profile image (Me Icon) in the upper right corner
  • Click View profile
  • Select the blue pencil to update your profile, including your image
  • Upload an easily recognizable professional headshot, ideally a business setting, uncluttered background, shoulders up

Headline, Summary and Work Experience 

Your headline, professional summary and work history is your opportunity to make the best possible first impression. Demonstrate your value proposition and include information consistent with your personal brand. Your experience should summarize your achievements and accomplishments. Be sure to include keywords throughout and make it memorable! Here’s how to update your info:

  • Click the blue pencil to update your profile 
  • Click the blue text under each section to edit 
  • Include an accurate and up-to-date title, career information and education information 
  • Connect to your company LinkedIn page 
  • Upload documents, articles, video, images, and slideshares to highlight expertise 
  • Link other personal assets, i.e. your blog, a company page that mentions you, etc. 
  • Verify your contact information is accurate 

Custom and Public URL Visibility

Next, you need to ensure your profile URL is set to public because you want your profile to be easily searchable and found. Here are the steps:

  • Click “Edit public profile and URL” to the right of your profile
  • Click the blue pencil to personalize the URL to your profile
  • Go to “Edit Visibility” to ensure “Your profile’s public visibility” is turned to “On” and your “Profile Photo” is set to “Public” to show up in search results

Merging Accounts

Do you have more than one LinkedIn profile? You should merge or delete the inactive profile to ensure your connections know which profile is the real you.

  • Click profile image (Me Icon) in the upper right corner 
  • Select “Privacy & Settings”
  • Under “Account preferences” scroll to the bottom
  • “Merge accounts” is under “Account management”

Could your LinkedIn profile use some love? We’re here to help! And stay tuned for our next blog on Social Selling and Nurturing Connections on LinkedIn.