Elevate Your Demand Gen Strategy With LinkedIn Newsletters and Landing Pages

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is an excellent place to identify, attract, engage, and nurture sales prospects online. You can share ideas, educate prospective customers, and conveniently address your buyers’ pain points through relevant and valuable content and interactions.

The real beauty behind LinkedIn of course is that it can easily be leveraged to drive demand for your services and solutions. Plus, we know today’s decision makers spend a lot of time researching, reviewing and comparing options on social. In fact, upper-level positions like managers, VPs, Directors, and C-suite executives make up approximately 45% of people who read LinkedIn articles on a regular basis. The ability to get your content amplified by a free publishing platform AND in front of the right eyeballs is a recipe for sales and marketing success!

LinkedIn is making it even easier for marketers to make an impact, with capabilities like Newsletters and Landing Pages. Since features and benefits across social platforms change quickly, we’ve summarized the why, what and how for you below. 

LinkedIn Newsletters 

Like typical newsletters, LinkedIn Newsletters allow you to write and share a collection of articles about specific topics that anyone online can read and share. But then LinkedIn takes it a step further, by enabling the option for members to subscribe, which means they’ll receive push, in-app and/or email notifications, whenever you publish new content. Sounds pretty cool, right?

When creating a newsletter on LinkedIn, there are a few best practices to follow:

  • Name it: Pick a catchy name for your newsletter that describes the topic and use clear headlines for each individual article. 
  • Brand it: Include a recognizable logo for your newsletter and upload cover photos that stand out and are relevant to the topic for each individual article. 
  • Activate it: Include a creative call-to-action (CTA) that drives readers to your pages and be sure to ask them to subscribe in every issue. 
  • Schedule it: Commit to a particular publishing cadence so your subscribers know when to expect new content. 
  • Promote it: Change the “Connect” button on your profile to “Follow” so people who view your LinkedIn profile can follow your updates and continue to interact with what you share. 

LinkedIn Landing Pages

LinkedIn landing pages are “standalone” pages. Separate from your personal or company profiles, they’re specifically designed to promote your brand and encourage your LinkedIn audience to take an action like download a piece of content, register for a virtual event or demo, or sign up for a trial. On LinkedIn, landing pages are often associated with LinkedIn ad campaigns and are where visitors land after clicking on your ad or update.

Here are some important tips to help you effectively engage and persuade prospects and customers using LinkedIn landing pages:

  • Keep it simple: Ensure your landing pages are succinct so that visitors get relevant information as quickly as possible and direct them to a clear and specific CTA. 
  • Be consistent: Focus on message matching so your LinkedIn ad or post and corresponding landing page both share the same headline, images, colors and branding. 
  • Segment content: Create different LinkedIn landing pages and ad campaigns for different audiences and opportunities. Focus each landing page on a very specific offer and call-to-action rather than general company information. 

And…Don’t Be Afraid To Use Video!

Want to spice up your LinkedIn newsletters and landing pages? Including personalized video content can have a profound impact on digital engagement rates! With 93% of marketers who use video reporting that it’s an important part of their strategy, what are you waiting for? Video creation is easier than you think and putting a personality behind a solution will undoubtedly help you drive more demand in the long run!

Want to learn more about leveraging LinkedIn for channel sales and marketing? Let’s talk!