Generate More Leads With Video

Lead generation has always been an important component of through-channel sales and marketing. But these days, traditional lead gen tactics like in-person networking, email, and cold calling simply don’t work like they used to. Buyer personas have changed, prospects are digitally-fatigued, and decision-makers are turning to new methods for researching solutions themselves before speaking with sales reps. 

When done right, video can be a highly effective tool for attracting your target audience and filling your sales funnel. In fact, 83% of video marketers say that video has helped them with lead generation. And 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

So, what are you waiting for?

Here are practical tips for generating more leads for your business using video: 

Be Specific.

One common misconception when it comes to lead gen video is that views equal success. But what good is a billion views if nobody buys? You should spend more time being intentional and understanding WHO is viewing your content rather than focusing on total views. 

Whether we’re talking about sales, marketing, or customer success, today’s prospects and customers want a tailored experience so personalization is key. When creating video content, think about what keeps your target audience awake at night. What are their questions, worries, and concerns? By identifying the top 5-10 questions buyers are asking most frequently, you can create targeted videos that address specific business goals and provide value right away. 

Be Enticing.

First impressions are everything. Understanding your target audience and creating videos that speak directly to particular pain points is only half of the equation. If you’re going to spend your precious time and energy creating awesome videos, you want to ensure that people actually engage with them. Strategies for attracting prospects and customers to interact with your content include: 

  • Using Buyer-Focused Titles & Keywords: Rather than using the name of a company or product in the titles of your videos, consider how the real buyer would ask a question related to your solutions. How would a real buyer search for an answer? 
  • Discussing “The Big 5:” Coined by Marcus Sheridan, “The Big 5” refers to factors that buyers obsess over BUT sales teams don’t typically discuss early on in the sales cycle. The Big 5 includes cost, problems, comparisons, ‘best in class,’ and reviews. Transparency is everything. Don’t be afraid to talk about what prospects want to know the most! 
  • Branding Videos for Consistency: Successful lead generation starts with trust and authenticity. By injecting consistent personality and giving videos an identity, you and your Channel Partners can build rapport with targets. Even if a lead doesn’t act on the first video they watch, your content will be easily recognizable and you’ll be top of mind when they’re making purchasing decisions in the future. 

Be Authoritative.

The last piece of the video lead gen puzzle is moving prospects to action. How do you turn viewers into buyers? With a rock-solid call-to-action (CTA), that’s how. Calls-to-action need to be two things: direct and visible. CTAs should tell the viewer exactly what they will get when they take the action, rather than a vague “Visit my website.” With video, it’s also important to make CTAs visually appealing. Whether it’s on-screen contact info or a graphic pointing to a downloadable asset, just verbalizing a CTA isn’t enough. 

Want to learn more about enabling Channel Partners and how sales teams can generate more leads with strategic video? Let’s have a conversation!