Cancelled Events? What Now? Help Partners Leverage Social Selling

For years we’ve listened to Partners and Channel salespeople tell a similar story: no matter how much amazing demand generation content Vendors provide, a huge percentage of business still comes from word-of-mouth or in-person networking events. So, what happens when live events get canceled for an entire year and Partners lose every precious opportunity they had to engage prospects and customers face-to-face? 

Social selling, that’s what.  

Social selling is the practice of leveraging social media to identify, attract, engage, and nurture sales prospects without bombarding them. Just like in-person sales interactions, the goal of social selling is to educate prospective customers and position yourself as a trusted advisor so that you’re top of mind when prospects are making decisions about a solution or business outcome. 

With most in-person events being canceled this year and event budgets being reallocated, NOW is the time to educate Partners and Channel salespeople about the power of social selling. But in order to succeed, they must have the resources to drive demand in creative ways that aligns with buyers’ behaviors and proves value without a single handshake. 

The good news is, today’s Partners and salespeople are more digitally savvy than ever before. They’re comfortable working with social platforms and marketing automation, and understand the ways in which prospects research options and make decisions online. The key is to put content in the hands of Partners and salespeople that they can personalize  and that speaks to their business. They need to be able to educate prospects through tailored multimedia and automation that aligns with their preferences and can be easily personalized and shared any way they want.

Help Partners and salespeople automate social selling by:

  • Providing customizable multimedia content including videos, webinars, podcasts, eBooks, and whitepapers.  
  • Ensuring they remain compliant with CAN-SPAM laws, GDPR, CCPA or any future regulations by not requiring them to load their contact lists into multiple platforms.
  • Making prospect education simple by creating content that can be personalized and shared based on their specific preferences/profile. Focusing on content-based education, not email delivery. 

Interested in learning more about ways you can help Channel Partners and Salespeople automate social selling? That’s what we’re here for! Let’s talk!