Help Your GSIs Rethink Their Through-Channel Marketing

We have conversations every day with channel professionals like you about how challenging it can be to encourage Global System Integrators (GSIs) and Global Service Providers (GSPs) to leverage your content and through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) tools. And of course, it is. They have true marketing teams with resources who market their own value prop and the last thing (literally) they want is another platform to manage, especially because they’re working with multiple vendors. Why would they be inclined to learn and use a totally new TCMA to email prospects? 

Consider this. What if your GSIs and GSPs weren’t forced to use vendor-provided platforms to send sales and marketing collateral? But instead, they had the ability to personalize your content before sending it to prospects in the way that works most effectively for them? Oh, and another thing, this is all about their SALESPEOPLE, not marketing teams.

By providing your network of GSIs and GSPs the flexibility and resources they need to endorse your business outcomes, you will better drive demand with joint prospects and customers. Here are a few ways to help them rethink the rules of through-channel marketing automation and demand generation. 

Provide Flexibility to Drive Demand

Believe it or not, GSIs and GSPs can be demand generation machines when given the flexibility to market and sell using strategies that align with their preferences. In the past, they typically didn’t have their own marketing automation and relied heavily on vendor clout to amplify their business’s reach. But the times have changed and today’s GSIs understand the value of using digital platforms and strategies to reach prospective customers. 

You know as well as we do, nobody likes to be sold to. And between solutions, services and consulting, empowering GSIs to build trusted relationships with customers is key. By enabling them to endorse your content in a truly genuine way, they can better advocate for your mutual solutions while aligning business outcomes with prospects’ unique goals. Rather than holding partners back with rigid content and TCMA requirements, give them the ability to quickly and conveniently personalize sales and marketing collateral like videos, webinars, podcasts and eBooks how THEY want.

Think Beyond Email 

It’s no secret that the B2B buying process has changed. In fact, most decision-makers research technology solutions online before ever contacting a salesperson. So focusing on content-based education over email delivery is extremely important. GSIs and GSPs need the ability to engage prospects where they’re looking for information (online) through tailored multimedia and strategies like social selling.  

It’s also imperative to ensure the GSIs and GSPs you work with remain compliant with CAN-SPAM laws, GDPR, CCPA or any future data privacy regulations by not requiring them to load their contact lists into your marketing automation platforms. By eliminating list loading and email requirements, you’ll not only help GSIs remain compliant but allow them to promote content in ways that actually drive demand with today’s buyer.

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