Optimal Equipment for ‘From-Anywhere’ Video Success

Did you know 88% of video marketers report that video gives them a positive ROI? That’s light years away from the 33% who felt that way just a few years ago! 

The benefits of video for sales and marketing in today’s work-from-anywhere world are undeniable. And creating bite-sized video content doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. All it takes is a little education and the right tools. 

In our last video blog, we discussed the importance of lighting and camera position when self-recording a sales, marketing, or customer success video. This time, we would like to highlight the equipment we’ve found to be super helpful when recording video without a studio or production team. 

Here’s some of the recording equipment we can’t live without: 

  1. Wireless headset like Apple AirPods to avoid getting tangled or distracted by wires while you record. 
  2. Webcam like the Logitech 1080P HD Camera to ensure A+ video quality.
  3. Lighting kit or ring light like the Promaster Ultrasoft 914B LED Light.

Interested in learning more about creating sales and marketing videos that cut through the noise and drive demand? We’d love to have a conversation!