Quick Tips For On-Camera Readiness

We’ve all been on video enough this year to understand how challenging it can be to look our best behind the camera. And suddenly, the pressure’s on to be camera-ready under, in many cases, less-than-ideal circumstances. 

In our last video blog, we talked about the equipment we’ve found to be most helpful when recording video remotely and without professional help. Now, we’re back with a third installment to offer tips for getting yourself camera-ready. 

Advice for preparing to be on video include:

  • Avoid a blank white wall behind you and spice up your background with wall art, furniture, or decorations. Give yourself some room between your camera and background to create depth. 
  • Dress as if you were meeting or presenting in person, even if it’s only from the waist up. 
  • STOP FIDGETING! Focus on who you’re speaking to and what you’re talking about, rather than being distracted by hair, jewelry, etc.

Need a little help stepping up your video game? That’s what we’re here for!