Reaching the New Generation of Decision-Makers: Millennials

We all know there are several roles within your target account that lead to a final sale. This APTTUS blog outlines the initiators, influencers, decision maker, buyer/budget holder, and user. Most of us spend the majority of our time/money/resources/effort focused on the all-knowing decision maker. But if the initiator or influencer never put you on the list in the first place, you’re too late for the decision maker and will only waste their time.  

We know our decision makers’ profiles pretty well. Executive level, 20+ years of experience in their given field. Has purchased technology solutions before, etc. That means, while their habits have changed to using social or referral sites to gather information, they are also happy to read a one-pager, watch a company produced video/webinar/podcast, and peruse the company website. 

What many do not realize is that the initiators and influencers are of a whole different generation. In fact, a survey from Clutch indicated that 57% of businesses put employees under 35 years of age in charge of researching and evaluating software. And 42% task junior staffers with researching and evaluating business services. 

So what? 

Well, relying on younger, digitally-oriented employees to learn about and narrow product and solution options before handing them over to decision-makers has created the need to engage and educate millennial prospects in ways they respond to. 

Here’s some advice for engaging millennial or Gen-Z “decision-influencers” as they become increasingly involved in the B2B buying process: 

Multimedia is the Name of The Game: 

You guessed it! Millennials love smartphones. They grew up surrounded by technology and value a sense of connection and collaboration above anything else. Today’s tech-savvy buyers know how to use digital resources to efficiently gain information, so they do more research online themselves and need less hand-holding from sales people. So, aligning your value proposition with the younger generation’s preferences and the use of technology to inform purchasing decisions is absolutely imperative. Vendors can help Partners by encouraging them to leverage personalized video content, like on-the-fly videos taken on a smartphone that can be easily recorded and shared on social media. Or, embed personalized messages into video assets that will help build stronger relationships with viewing buyers. 

Create Content that Builds Trust: 

Another thing to consider is that the majority of the online information millenials consume is created by their peers, usually on social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Personalized multimedia really is the name of the game, so educating Partners about social selling best practices is an excellent way to build trust with prospects and re-engage customers. 

Keep it Personal: 

Millennials don’t just want to buy a product from you. They want you to provide a personalized experience that proves the business outcomes you’re offering fully align with their goals and mitigates challenges. Providing tailored, easily-digestible content that answers questions and showcases outcomes without bombarding inboxes and newsfeeds is an effective way to rise above the noise and land your message in a way that appeals to millennials. 

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