Simple Tips for Creating Sales and Marketing Videos

The benefits of video for sales, marketing, and customer experience in today’s work-from-anywhere world are undeniable. We have a lot of conversations with Vendors, Channel Partners and salespeople about the reluctance to create video content unless it’s professionally produced. But we’re here to tell you that videos (like the ones below) don’t have to be expensive, difficult, or time-consuming to make. Many of you have been asking for this video series we did all in one place so here you go!

Here are simple tips for creating personalized sales and marketing videos that will help you drive more demand for your business. 

Part 1: Lighting and Camera Positioning 

The first step is to achieve good lighting and camera positioning when recording videos on your own. To ensure your videos look professional, consider the following: 

  1. Position yourself directly in front of your lighting source. Natural light is great, but avoid overhead light and direct sunlight, and be mindful of shadows. 
  2. Ensure your camera (phone or webcam) is stable and at eyeline. This will help you avoid that up-the-nose shot that we’ve seen way too much recently. 
  3. KEEP IT SHORT! Spare your digitally-fatigued audience by keeping videos under 5 minutes in length. In fact, 2-3 minutes is plenty!

Part 2: Optimal Video Equipment 

You’ll also want to consider using a few basic pieces of equipment to self-record sales, marketing, or customer success videos. Here’s some of the equipment we’ve found to be helpful when recording video without a studio or production team: 

  1. Wireless headset like Apple AirPods to avoid getting tangled or distracted by wires while you record. 
  2. Webcam like the Logitech 1080P HD Camera to ensure A+ video quality.
  3. Lighting kit or ring light like the Promaster Ultrasoft 914B LED Light.

Part 3: On-Camera Readiness 

These days, we’re all on video enough to understand how challenging it can be to look our best behind the camera. These quick tips will help you prepare yourself to be ‘camera-ready’ in no time! 

  1. Avoid a blank white wall behind you and spice up your background with wall art, furniture, or decorations. Give yourself some room between your camera and background to create depth. 
  2. Dress as if you were meeting or presenting in person, even if it’s only from the waist up. 
  3. STOP FIDGETING! Focus on who you’re speaking to and what you’re talking about, rather than being distracted by hair, jewelry, etc.

Interested in learning more about creating sales and marketing videos that cut through the noise and drive demand? Check out this eBook!