The Partners Sales Process Just got Flipped on Its Head…Now What?

Video conference

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having a profound impact on all of our lives, both personally and professionally. And the technology market is no exception. We’re seeing significant disruptions to channel operations, from interrupted supply chains and event cancellations, to office-closures and the new “work-from-home” normal. Precautions to slow the spread of Coronavirus have completely changed the way people foster relationships, collaborate, and do business. 

This certainly applies to through-partner sales, and the ways in which Vendors support Partners to drive demand. Technology sales rely heavily on building trust through relationships and human connections, so the pressure is on to find new ways to reach decision-makers and close deals without traditional face-to-face meetings. In order to survive and thrive, Vendors and Partners must think differently about sales and marketing, and approach demand generation in creative ways that educate prospects and prove value without a single in-person interaction. 

But where do you even start? 

Tips for Supporting the Partner Sales Process Amid the Disruption of COVID-19: 

People are going to be hungry for more human interaction. Nothing overproduced, we aren’t going to studios anytime soon. I mean, if Jimmy Fallon can do the Tonight Show from home, then our Partners can do a quick update. Instead of trying to set up face-to-face meetings, Partners could create little videos with a smartphone to engage prospects. That way, they can promote solutions and business outcomes, and make prospects feel like they’re in the same room. As a Vendor it’s your job to enable Partners with multimedia content that aligns with their goals, and can be easily personalized and shared based on their preferences. 

For all we know, the days of in-person site visits for customers are over. So it’s important to service clients with personal outreach that’s 100% virtual. This can include video messages and other multimedia content that helps you stay top of mind without having to shake hands and share oxygen. 

And of course, encourage Partners, prospects and customers to jump on video calls as often as possible. Whether it’s a 5-minute check-in or a 30-minute presentation, video calls can reinforce our “new normal” by breathing more life into your interactions and allowing you to visually showcase business outcomes.

Resources for Virtual Business Operations:

There are a number of video conferencing tools that make virtual meetings a piece of cake, and most offer free versions. Zoom, Google Hangouts, CISCO Webex, and Skype are all great options that work on both desktop and mobile devices. 

Looking for a collaboration tool? Platforms like, Slack and Google Suite help remote teams work together and communicate from anywhere. 

For those who are new to working remotely or virtually, be sure to also check out this video and blog on how to avoid distractions and stay productive while working from home. 

Want to chat about personalized video and virtual demand generation for Partners? That’s what we’re here for. Contact us anytime!