Video for Demand Generation: A Match Made in Sales and Marketing Heaven

The value of a solid demand generation strategy may seem obvious to you, but getting your channel partners to recognize and embrace tactics that will actually drive demand with today’s busy prospects can be a challenge. Buyers want to find information about your solutions and business outcomes as quickly and conveniently as possible. And guess what? Video allows them to do just that.

Here’s why personalized video works so well for demand generation and tips for helping channel partners navigate the world of video for sales and marketing. 

Hop on the Video Bandwagon

Encouraging channel partners to leverage personalized video can be a highly effective way to reach B2B prospects, especially since buyer preferences for exclusively digital and highly personal sales experiences continue to rise. It’s simple – today’s prospects spend more time watching video to research solutions and make purchasing decisions than ever before. Don’t believe us? Here are some impressive statistics that demonstrate the value of incorporating video into your sales and marketing process. 

Use the Sharpest Tool in the Shed 

It’s important to make the video journey easy for channel partners by providing the resources necessary to be successful. And having the right tools in place to customize content while leveraging automation is an excellent place to start. The benefits of using a through-channel marketing automation platform include: 

  • Helps channel partners execute demand generation campaigns the right way — by leading with multimedia content (including video, webinars and podcasts).
  • Ensures Partners remain compliant with CAN-SPAM laws, GDPR, CCPA or any future regulations by not requiring them to load their contacts into vendor platforms.
  • Makes prospect engagement easy by providing marketing content to fit partner preferences, sent via email already personalized and ready to share how they want. 
  • Provides insights and metrics to help level up content strategy.

What Makes a Killer Video?

So, what do we REALLY mean when we say “personalized video?” Well, an effective demand generation video can be a number of things from a recorded webinar or podcast to a short off-the-cuff informational video recorded on a smartphone. Of course, we want to keep in line with the three stages of the engagement with a prospect or customer: attract, engage, delight. Here are some ideas for driving continual brand awareness with channel partners using video: 

  • Attract: Create a short attention-grabbing promotional video that partners can personalize highlighting solutions to challenging customer pain points. 
  • Engage: Provide partners with a recorded webinar or podcast and allow them to add their own intro and outro so prospects can reach out directly to learn more. 
  • Delight: Encourage partners to create DIY-type videos on their smartphones that educate prospects about solutions and business outcomes in a personal and most importantly, trustworthy way. 

Interested in learning more about helping channel partners leverage video and tips for creating effective demand generation videos that resonate with your joint prospects and customers? We’ve got you covered!