Spark enables channel salespeople and channel account managers (CAMs) to personalize professional video and digital content for each and every prospect.


Now more than ever, channel salespeople need to be able to engage on a more personal level. How can they provide professionally produced videos that speak to pain points and still make it personalized?


Channel Teams Unite.

Channel sales teams are using Spark Your Channel™ to revolutionize the way they do demand generation, by creating more engagement with Partners and higher conversion rates with customers.

Instead of pushing Partners to annoy prospects with emails, that only include one piece of content, over-and-over again… let’s help them actually drive demand the right way.


Marketing Executives

Your team creates killer content – yet just sending it out via a mass email isn’t working. Now, more than ever, prospects and customers want to build relationships and engage with salespeople directly. What better way to do so than to allow each salesperson to customize your great video, webinar, and podcast content.

Salespeople and CAMs

Imagine personalized content, with messaging that speaks directly to the prospect or Partner you’re trying to engage, at the right time. Better yet, Spark™ serves up your ideal content to the next prospect – enabling custom content at scale. Over time, hone your message based on what’s working and what’s not.

Channel Leaders

You want your sales team to put their (and your) best foot forward AND personalize videos in ways that resonate! Spark™ makes it easy for your CAMs and Salespeople to personalize your company videos with personal “book-ends”. Everyone can easily replicate what’s performing the best with your entire team.

We know what you’re thinking… my CAMs and Salespeople don’t have time to sit around and customize video and digital content all day. What if we told you they only need to do it once and our Spark™ Success Coaches will hold their hand the entire time?

We know what you’re thinking… How can you possibly measure your investment if you can’t see the leads your Partners are loading?


Every piece of content renders in a unique trackable URL

Measure clicks and increase in revenue

Track Partner success over the long term.


Spark Your Channel™ is an innovative demand generation company that helps businesses and their sales teams drive more revenue. The Spark™ channel demand generation platform, which is built on 20 years experience in demand gen, sales enablement, and channel marketing, provides partners and sales people with automated customizable content, analytics, and modern prospecting best practices. SMBs and Enterprises alike are using Spark Your Channel to create more engagement, higher conversion rates, and to revolutionize the way they do demand generation including leveraging highly popular video content.


Spark Your Channel™

Personalized Video and Content that Sparks Your Sales Channel.