The Key To A Successful Flywheel for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience

Many moons ago, when I started my channel marketing career at a tech giant, I’m pretty sure I never met anyone on our customer success or customer experience team. And as I moved to smaller companies where I led marketing, no one ever suggested that channel marketing, channel sales, or customer success teams should collaborate,

Simple Tips for Creating Sales and Marketing Videos

The benefits of video for sales, marketing, and customer experience in today’s work-from-anywhere world are undeniable. We have a lot of conversations with Vendors, Channel Partners and salespeople about the reluctance to create video content unless it’s professionally produced. But we’re here to tell you that videos (like the ones below) don’t have to be

Why Your Sales Funnel Should Actually Be a Flywheel

Any seasoned salesperson or marketer will tell you that today’s prospects and customers don’t follow the same buyer’s journey as they used to. The reality is, buyer personas have changed and B2B decision-makers research solutions and engage sales in totally new ways. Although the traditional sales funnel made sense for the way prospects used to

3 Ways To Reinvigorate Your Indirect Sales Channel

Now more than ever, big-name IT Vendors are prioritizing their indirect sales channels in hopes of better aligning with prospects and customers. As businesses place more emphasis on indirect and partner marketing opportunities, they will be forced to think critically about existing enablement strategies and double down on new ways of driving demand.  Here are

Sales and Marketing Video Statistics You Can’t Ignore

It can’t be overstated: video IS the powerhouse strategy for reaching B2B prospects, especially since preferences for exclusively-digital and highly personal sales experiences continue to rise. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and you can bet your bottom dollar that your targets are spending more time researching solutions and making purchasing decisions online by