Avoiding Burnout & Enabling Channel Partners to Succeed Selling Remotely or Hybrid

Last year, millions of us learned how to work remotely, and a lot of us will continue to do so. The transition to remote work was hectic at first, with everyone figuring out what technology to use and how best to use it, not to mention how to transition that linen closet into an office!

Help Your GSIs Rethink Their Through-Channel Marketing

We have conversations every day with channel professionals like you about how challenging it can be to encourage Global System Integrators (GSIs) and Global Service Providers (GSPs) to leverage your content and through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) tools. And of course, it is. They have true marketing teams with resources who market their own value prop

3 Spark Your Channel Features to Boost Your Integrated Channel Marketing and Sales Strategy

Feel like your partners are cobbling together their demand gen efforts and shooting in the dark, but you’re not sure how to help them? You’re not alone. Let’s be real—partner demand generation isn’t easy, and getting partners to try new tactics can be a super heavy lift for vendors.  To enable partners to effectively drive

Kick-Start Partner Demand Generation in 4 Easy Steps

Demand generation is a general term for the slew of sales and marketing efforts that go into driving long-term customer engagement. If you’re into quick fixes, demand gen isn’t one of them.  It’s a long-term, gradual approach that includes marketing campaigns for relevant, meaty, inbound content that helps solve customer problems and move them through

The Key To A Successful Flywheel for Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience

Many moons ago, when I started my channel marketing career at a tech giant, I’m pretty sure I never met anyone on our customer success or customer experience team. And as I moved to smaller companies where I led marketing, no one ever suggested that channel marketing, channel sales, or customer success teams should collaborate,