Why Website Syndication is Bad for Your Partners

Why Website Syndication is Bad for Your Partners

Almost two decades ago I managed the implementation of website syndication for our Partners at EMC. The reason was simple. Partner websites were awful. Terrible. Embarrassing. Too busy, too basic, no information, written like a novel and when it came to our content on their websites, don’t even get me started. Pictures were unprofessional, formatting

What’s Different About Through-Channel Demand Generation Today?


By now Spark Your Channel™ is no longer a secret. It’s been an amazing, and quite frankly, stressful 11 months keeping it under wraps! I’m excited for all of you to see what the Spark team, advisors, investors, customers, Partners, and I feel is so unique and intriguing about our platform. The idea was sparked

What Your Partners Are Thinking

What your partners are thinking

We hear over and over how partners don’t leverage the resources they’re given. You, the vendors, spend millions of dollars on through-channel demand generation, but unfortunately, Partner usage is abysmal! Why? Great question! And we finally got to the bottom of it by organizing a Partner advisory group, where we asked them what they need,

GDPR in the US?


It has been almost two years since the EU implemented the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and set the ball rolling for similar regulations to hit the US.  In fact, California’s California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) will go into effect January 1, 2020.  Washington DC just introduced legislation that seeks to protect personal data, and