Scaling Customer Success

Customer Success and Experience teams work tirelessly to build quality relationships and engage directly with their clients. But with customer satisfaction expectations at an all-time high, the pressure is on to leverage new strategies that increase adoption, retention, and expansion. In fact, according to Salesforce, 80% of customers say the experience a company provides is

We’re Feeling the Love!

Spark Your Channel launched in February 2020, and what a ride it has been so far! As you can imagine, launching a company weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our lives and businesses forever, has been interesting. Nevertheless, Spark has received a tremendous amount of support during its infancy and we’ve had the opportunity to

Authenticity is Clutch. Why You Should Stop Co-Branding Content

Last week my four-year-old daughter interrupted a call with an investor to tell me she went to the stream with our nanny and accidentally ran into a cactus. After I quickly wrapped up my call I spent the next 20 minutes pulling cactus thorns out of her leg…well, 18 minutes convincing her it wouldn’t hurt

Cancelled Events? What Now? Help Partners Leverage Social Selling

For years we’ve listened to Partners and Channel salespeople tell a similar story: no matter how much amazing demand generation content Vendors provide, a huge percentage of business still comes from word-of-mouth or in-person networking events. So, what happens when live events get canceled for an entire year and Partners lose every precious opportunity they

Podcast: Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, and Everything In Between

Opportunities to be entrepreneurial aren’t always easy to come by when you work inside a large company. But what about the ability to be intrapreneurial WITHIN your organization?  Our experience working with top executives at major Vendor corporations over the years has shown us that being intrapreneurial can be just as exciting, rewarding, and lucrative